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ProxiDiagnost N90

DRF-Digital radiography and nearby fluoroscopy

This system combines high-end, nearby fluoroscopy and digital radiography into one DRF unit , designed to broaden clinical capacity and increase room utilization.

Enhancing the Patient and Staff Experience

Learn how Central Valley Medical Center’s new DXR solution focuses on patient and staff experience including improvement in image quality, low radiation exposure, intelligent design and workflow consistency.


Cost effective

Facilitate high room utilization with the ability to perform high-quality radiography as well as fluoroscopy applications in one room. You can further lower the costs of ownership by sharing SkyPlate wireless detectors with other compatible Philips systems.


Even the most challenging patients can benefit from ProxiDiagnost N90 with a 300 kg (660 lbs) table weight capacity plus features like GCF providing dedicated bariatric settings for efficient penetration and good image quality.


Philips Eleva user interface allows a smooth, patient-focused workflow with customizable presets and automation for excellent efficiency. The touch monitor allows technologists to work fast and with a minimum number of clicks.

Dose management

Comprehensive dose management features like Grid Controlled Fluoroscopy (GCF), Intelligent Exposure (IQX), in-pulse control, automatic filters and collimation on last image hold (LIH), benefit both patient and staff and is perfectly suited for pediatrics.

Superb image quality

Flat detector technology provides wide body coverage and distortion free images. Image quality is further enhanced with advanced de-noising, brightness stabilization, and real-time fluoroscopy image processing using Philips dynamic UNIQUE. Fluoroscopy images can also be recorded at any time to document findings.


Table Geometry

Weight capacity Static

300 kg (660 lbs)

Weight capacity Tilting

250 kg (550 lbs)

Weight capacity All movements

185 kg (407 lbs)

Footrest weight capacity

250 kg (550 lbs)

Table tilt angle

+90° – -20°, optional -30°/-45°/-85°


200 cm x 80 cm (78.7″ x 31.5″)

Tabletop to detector housing clearance

25 – 60 cm (9.8″ – 23.6″)

Tabletop height

83.3 cm (32.8″)

Detector for table Bucky

Fixed 43 cm x 43 cm (17″ x 17″) or SkyPlate 35 cm x 43 cm (14″ x 17″) or cassette

Dynamic Flat Detector


Cesium Iodide (CsI)

Detector size

43 cm x 43 cm (17″ x 17″)

Active area

42 cm x 42.5 cm (16.5″ x 16.7″)

Pixel size

148 μm

Image matrix size

2880 pixel x 2881 pixel

Acquisition mode continuous fluoroscopy

Up to 30 fps

Acquisition mode pulsed fluoroscopy with Grid Controlled Fluoroscopy (GCF)

0.5 – 30 fps

Acquisition mode pulsed fluoroscopy with Pulsed Controlled Fluoroscopy (PCF)

Up to 6 fps



65 kW, 80 kW optional

Exposure Techniques

Manual, Automatic, Intelligent Exposure (IQX) in-pulse control , Automatic kV reduction

Fluoroscopy Techniques

In-pulse control with Grid Controlled Fluoroscopy (GCF) or Pulsed Controlled Fluoroscopy (PCF)

Tube voltage exposure

40 – 150 kV

Tube voltage fluoroscopy

40 – 125 kV

Vertical Stand (option)

Vertical travel (motorized)

30 – 180 cm (11.8 – 5’11”)


Fixed 43 cm x 43 cm (17″ x 17″) or SkyPlate 35 cm x 43 cm (14″ x 17″) or cassette

Tilting (motorized)

Optional, -20° – +90°

Ceiling Suspension CSM (option)


Four-part telescopic column

Ceiling height at SID 110 cm (44″)

2.83 – 3.21 m (8′ 8.3″ – 10′ 5.9″)


Motorized, automatic

SkyPlate Detector Small (option)

Detector size

24 cm x 30 cm (app. 10″ x 12″)


Digital CsI (Cesium Iodide) flat detector

Active area

22.2 cm x 28.4 cm (8.7″ x 11.2″)

Image Matrix Size

1500 pixel x 1920 pixel

SkyPlate Detector Large (option)

Active area

34.48 cm x 42.12 cm (13.6″ x 16.6″)

Image Matrix Size

2330 pixel x 2846 pixel

Detector size

35 cm x 43 cm (14″ x 17″)


Digital Csl (Cesium Iodide) flat detector