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Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology Systems and Solutions

Whether treating critical limb ischemia, performing a uterine fibroid embolization, or conducting an EVAR, TACE, or percutaneous ablation, the goal is to plan and execute the procedure with precision and confidence. Leverage our multimodality Live Image Guidance and 3D data to quickly assess the nature and location of pathology and reveal hidden complexities. Receive immediate intra-operative feedback on therapy response. Navigate confidently with enhanced live visual guidance.


Azurion 3 F15

  • Enhance visibility of vessels
  • Save time
  • Take control of dose
  • Insightful Live Image Guidance

Azurion 7 C20 & Azurion 7 F20

  • Insightful Live Image Guidance
  • Enhance visibility
  • Save time
  • Simplify set-up and operation

Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm

  • Unlimited imaging flexibility
  • More independent control for physician
  • Full staff positioning freedom
  • Increase lab utilization with procedure-based workflows

Mobile C-arms

Zenition 50

  • Mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier that supports in saving valuable time
  • Accelerate training
  • Boost return on investment
  • Simplify set-up of your new OR

Zenition 70

  • Mobile C-arm with Flat Detector that helps increase OR efficiency
  • Simplify fleet use across ORs
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Simplify set-up of your new OR

Veradius Unity

  • The user interface is so easy, it scored in the top 10% for ease of use¹
  • Cut miscommunication in half during positioning through our patented ClearGuide²
  • Reduce repositioning time by up to 42% through the Position Memory feature²
  • Increase confidence with superb image quality at excellent dose efficiency

BV Pulsera

  • When you need extra power
  • Exceptional contrast and clarity for cardiac exams
  • See through dense anatomy and steep projections
  • Save time and X-ray dose with BodySmart software

Interventional Tools


  • 3D image fusion in endovascular procedures
  • Real-time navigation supports confident decision making
  • Potential to reduce procedure time
  • Moves in sync to new positions


  • Detects 50% more HCC feeders than DSA
  • MRI-like lesion detection in your lab
  • Fast detection & volume measurement
  • Automatically detects feeder vessels

XperGuide ablation

  • Planning, Guidance and Control in Tumor Ablation Procedures
  • Facilitate successful tumor coverage
  • Intuitive workflow and customizable isotherm visualizations
  • Achieve accurate needle placement

Xper XperCT

  • Versatile interventional tool supports various procedures
  • Advanced acquisition protocols for neuro and body
  • 3D visualization for slice and volume viewing
  • Reduces metal artifacts



  • Seamless access to all apps
  • Promotes efficient teamwork
  • Backlit icons enhance visibility
  • ProcedureCards standardize settings
  • Pointer is visible in both rooms

Touch screen module pro

  • Smooth teamwork/ Intuitive use
  • Clear-cut communication
  • Enhanced detail visibility
  • Bright visual cues
  • Flexible positioning

FlexVision Pro

  • Access multiple external sources
  • SuperZoom enlarges small details
  • ProcedureCards standardize settings
  • Switch control and share pointer
  • Large, full-color LCD display

FlexVision XL

  • All you need in plain sight
  • See more detail
  • Enjoy comfort and control
  • Customize viewing layouts