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Ingenia 3.0T

MR system

At the forefront of clinical excellence - Diagnostic confidence, explore advanced applications, and generate the productivity required to meet today’s healthcare challenges with the Ingenia 3.0T. Through dStream, Ingenia delivers premium image quality with digital clarity and speed – and with iPatient¹, it provides patient-centric imaging, from patient set-up to image result.


Break new ground in advanced applications

Differentiate your practice by using the advanced functionality and power of 3.0T for emerging neuro, oncology, and other applications.


High quality images and remarkable speed are possible with our dStream digital broadband architecture. Enjoy up to 40% more SNR² and enhanced throughput with channel-independent RF technology that makes upgrades easy.

In-Bore experience

Turn the MRI exam into an event. This immersive in-bore experience offers headfirst patients a comforting, engaging visual/audio distraction. Voice guidance can be given through the headphones, helping patients to relax and hold still for better image quality.

Elevate clinical performance for body, cardiac, and more

dStream digital broadband technology delivers up to 40% more SNR² due to digitization at the patient. Helping you confidently perform highly advanced neuro, as well as fast-growing body and cardiac exams.


Every patient is different. iPatient is an advanced platform for our Ingenia systems that puts you in control of personalized, patient-centric imaging to support greater consistency and efficiency. iPatient offers as much as a 30% improvement in throughput¹.

Robust 1.5T meets the power of 3.0T

Enhance image uniformity, contrast, and consistency, and speed up scanning for cardiac, breast, spine, and other exams with MultiTransmit 4D.

Premium IQ¹

Premium IQ defined as increased SNR and speed and improved fat-free and motion-free imaging obtained on dStream with dS SENSE, mDixon and Multivane XD compared to Achieva with SENSE, dixon and propeller. Maximize critical diagnostic information within the available timeslot.

Enhance patient acceptance

Accommodate obese and fragile patients with ease in the largest homogenous field-of-view in a commercial 70 cm system.

Xtend magnet system

Xtend 70 cm wide bore is designed from the patient outwards. It provides the largest homogenous field-of-view in a commercial 70 cm system – perfect for 2-station body, spine imaging, and large abdominal overview.

IntelliSpace Portal

IntelliSpace Portal delivers easy clinical workflow and collaboration tools to help you streamline your daily routine. Unlock the power of CT, MR, molecular imaging and ultrasound systems with rich clinical applications accessible wherever you are.

Advanced MRI

Improve your referral base by expanding your diagnostic opportunities. Advanced diagnostic solutions increase the capabilities on MRI to cover emerging clinical indications in neurology, oncology, and cardiology.

ScanWise Implant

ScanWise Implant allows you to confidently offer MR imaging to a growing and potentially underserved subset of the patient population, enhancing your reputation and encouraging referrals.


Xtend Magnet System

Magnet weight

4600 kg

Bore design

70 cm

Maximum FOV

55 cm

Typical homogeneity at 45 cm DS

≤ 1.1 ppm

HeliumSave technology

(Zero boil-off) Yes

Cryogen boil-off rate under regular scanning conditions

0 l/hr

Omega HP gradients

Max. amplitude for each axis

45 mT/m

Max. slew rate for each axis

200 T/m/s

Resolution parameters

Max scan matrix

1024 (2048 optional)

Max. number of slices


Highest in-plane resolution

5 µm

RF Transmit

Parallel RF transmission


Number of independent RF amplifiers


Output power

2 × 18 kW

dStream RF receive

Number of independent receive channels

Channel independent

Location of analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

Inside the coil

Signal chain from coil to reconstructor

Fully digital

Signal chain from coil electronics to connector


Signal chain from connector to magnet


Signal chain from magnet to reconstructor


Patient environment

Bore design

70 cm

Flare on both ends


Tunnel diameter at both ends

95 cm

Maximum weight capacity

250 kg (550 lbs)

Patient transport system (optional)


Wireless patient physiological synchronization


Various acoustic noise reduction solutions


Site Planning

Total gantry installed weight

≤ 5800 kg

Minimum siting requirement

30 m²

dStream workflow

FlexCoverage Posterior coil


FlexCoverage Anterior coils (optional)


FlexConnect connectors


FlexTrak tabletop


FlexCaddy coil storage (optional)


FlexTrak patient transport system (optional)


FlexTrak Mammo mammography solution (optional)


iPatient efficiency assistance





SmartExam (optional)


SmartLine (package dependent)


SmartLink (package dependent)