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Digital radiography systems

With digital radiography systems that reflect a sensible marriage of function and fiscal responsibility, your patients benefit from fast and smooth examinations. Your facility benefits from a reputation for quality, by offering reliable imaging services based on Philips proven technology.


Consistent, good image quality

UNIQUE optimizes every link of the imaging chain. It harmonizes contrast levels, highlights faint details, and adapts parameters to provide lots of detail and wide image dynamics, while still maintaining a natural, artifact-free appearance.

DuraDiagnost Compact room

The flexible U-arm geometry provides a flexible range of movements, turning a small space into an efficient, multi-purpose DR examination room. Perform all general DR examinations on standing, seated and supine patients.DuraDiagnost Focus room.

DuraDiagnost Chest Room

Get the high reliability you are used to, combined with features which further streamline care. The chest room is easy to use and enhances patient comfort, while allowing fast patient positioning. This helps to reduce examination time.

Saving time and effort

The counter-balanced components can be quickly and easily moved into position with minimal effort. Flexible movement capabilities and ergonomically designed handles and controls save further time and effort.

DuraDiagnost Value Room

Your cost-effective opportunity to enter the DR workflow. Central to this performance-oriented system is SkyPlate, a lightweight (6.2 lbs), cassette-sized, wireless portable detector which can be used for a wide variety of examinations.

Productive solutions

As a total DXR solution provider, Philips has the right system for virtually every need. Our DuraDiagnost slips easily into the mix, delivering premium DR images in low acuity settings.

DuraDiagnost Efficiency Room

Access to an efficient workflow that supports an enhanced return on investment. Dual detector set-up supports a variety of patient examinations in a single digital radiography room.

Eleva efficiency

Our unique Eleva workspot has been developed with clinicians to answer the needs of radiology users. It is the same harmonized user interface found on all Philips premium digital radiography systems. The pre-settings and customized user profiles result in more automated workflow. Images are available on screen in just a few seconds.

Lightweight wireless portable detector

Get consistent, high quality digital images with the SkyPlate wireless detector. It uses advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector technology to mirror the imaging capabilities of Philips premium DR systems. The light weight of the SkyPlate also sets an industry standard for use wherever you need them – stationary or portable.

Clinical Images