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Digital radiography solutions Find similar products

Experience premium digital radiography productivity, with high performance rooms and flexible rooms right through to a cutting edge emergency set-up. Choose the configuration suited to your applications, workflow and budget.


Total DR Room Motorization

With complete room motorization you can automatically position the detector and tube around your patients to free up your DigitalDiagnost DR exam workflow. Immobile patients in particular appreciate the chance to remain in the DR room between projections. Automatic tube tracking and collimation, as well as automatic alignment of tube and detector place patients instead of technology on center stage.

DigitalDiagnost emergency room

If your emergency room is packed with people, machines, and cables, you need a straightforward DR solution that delivers. Incorporate a Philips premium wireless DR system for critical work in your emergency rooms, recovery bays, and trauma centers With just a motorized ceiling suspension and a SkyPlate, there is more room for emergency equipment and more space around the patient.

DigitalDiagnost chest room

Typically, you’ve got to put a lot of patients through your digital radiography chest room. And you may sometimes use it as a back-up solution to your main DR room. With the DigitalDiagnost DR chest room you can rapidly do the full range of chest exams, including in-bed and wheelchair exposures. This room can also be used as a versatile musculoskeletal digital radiography room. You can perform spine, skull, and other extremity exams.

Lightweight wireless portable detector

The large and the smaller sized SkyPlates serve as a workflow enhancing asset in your Philips DR rooms and with the Philips digital mobile unit. The light weight of the DR SkyPlates sets an industry standard for use wherever you need them – stationary or portable.

Share it as you like

The DR SkyPlate sharing combinations allow you to efficiently use your budget and customize deployment of your DR detectors. The specialized application range of the small Philips SkyPlate enables it to be applied in different DR rooms and with a mobile DR unit. Use the large Philips SkyPlate for free exams in different areas or insert it in vertical stands or table trays.

Grid-like contrast

When doing DR exams without a grid, Philips SkyFlow produces images with grid-like contrast. It reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid bedside chest exams. SkyFlow is the industry’s first scatter correction algorithm technology for portable thorax X-rays – requiring no operator input. It delivers contrast enhancement based on the amount of scatter for the individual patient.

DigitalDiagnost high performance room

In the DigitalDiagnost high performance room, you can comfortably perform exams on more than 250 patients a day. Thanks to the 5-axes motorization of the ceiling suspension and the fixed or moveable vertical stand. The moveable vertical stand excels in efficient upright, cross-lateral and under-the-table exams. With the full motorization you can rapidly switch from table to chest exams without having to reposition the patient.

DigitalDiagnost flex room

The single-detector DigitalDiagnost DR flex room with automated ceiling suspension, moveable vertical stand, and single side suspended table with swivel put every part of the patient into the exposure range. You can reduce patient repositioning and gain application freedom with virtually unlimited pre-defined settings of the tube and the detector mounted on the moveable stand’s flexible arm.

DigitalDiagnost value room

Equipped with SkyPlate trays and SkyPlate detector, the Philips DR value room is a smart entry into the world of premium digital radiography or serves as an additional DR room. Discover premium Philips benefits like renowned UNIQUE image processing and the intuitive Eleva user interface. Move the large SkyPlate between the table and the vertical stand, each with an integrated SkyPlate tray, and use it for free exposures as well.

Eleva – the common platform

Premium Eleva makes workflow continuity and network communication easy. Common platform. Fast to learn and use. Designed to streamline your radiography department. It offers a number of smart tools like enhanced exposure and fluoroscopy settings and immediate image processing.

UNIQUE – superb image processing

UNIQUE (UNified Image QUality Enhancement) image processing. Consistent, superb images for all anatomical areas. UNIQUE enhances every link of the imaging chain, harmonizing contrast and enhancing details.


Tube carrier


Longitudinal and transverse

Ceiling suspension CS

Motorized ceiling suspended tube carrier with four-part telescopic column

LCD display

Wide 16.5cm (6.5”) LCD information display and control buttons for easy and quick handling

Longitudinal travel

3.44 m (11’ 3.4”)/with rail extensions 6.14 m (20’ 1.7”)

Transverse travel

Standard version 1.5 m (4’ 11”)/Long version 3.22 m (10’ 6.7”)

Vertical travel

1.66 m (5’ 5.2”)


Height-adjustable table TH

Height-adjustable patient table with a large range of movements. Convenient handling supports quick patient positioning. Easy patient transfer in recumbent or seated positions.


Floating sandwich-design tabletop with Getalit overlay
Floating tabletop allows for fast and easy patient positioning.
Floating sandwich-design tabletop with carbon fiber overlay


With fixed detector or a SkyPlate in the table tray


Oscillating or fixed grid


(l x w): 240 x 75 cm (7’10.5” x 29.5”) and optional 240 x 85 cm (7’10.5” x 33.5”)
(l x w): 260 x 75 cm (8’ 6.4” x 29.5”)
220 x 67 cm (7’2.6” x 26.4”)

X-ray transparent area

173 x 67 cm (5’8.1” x 26.4”)

Single side suspended table TH-S

Single side-suspended, height-adjustable table. Ideally suited for use with moveable vertical stand VM – the multi-purpose stand with swiveling tube arm.

Height of tabletop above floor

87 cm (34.3”)

Max. patient weight

225 kg (496 lbs)
225 kg (496 lbs)

Foot pedal

Foot pedal operation allows close proximity to the patient

Table base

Has an optional swivel function to enhance patient and system accessibility

Length of X-ray transparent area

2.08 m (6’ 9.9”)

Height adjustment

50.3 to 90.3 cm above floor (19.8” to 35.6”), motorized adjustment

Height-adjustable trolley TA-M

Easy and safe handling with two foot pedals on each side. All TH-S table accessories can be used with the TA-M trolley.

Weight of trolley

130 kg (286 lbs)

Vertical stands

Vertical stand VS

Motorized vertical stand with fixed or SkyPlate. Can be adjusted with a left and right hand control unit and/or by wireless remote control.

Angle of detector tilt

Horizontal axis: -20° to +90°/vertical axis+45° to -23°, motorized tilting

Tiltable detector

Optional, tilt angle: –20° to +90°, motorized tilting
Detector is tiltable and moveable, e.g. beneath the single side-suspended table


Oscillating or fixed grid, can store up to two grids within the detector unit

Exposure control

Five automatic exposure control chambers
Five automatic exposure control chambers


Two control panels and remote control
Two control panels and remote control

LCD display

LCD patient information display (optional)
LCD patient information display (optional)


Height: 2.08 m (6’ 9.9“)
Height: 2.48 m (8’1.6”)

Vertical movement of detector unit

30 cm to 1.80 m (11.8” to 5.1”) (central beam)

Horizontal movement range

Motorized 3.48 m (11’4.8”)/non-motorized 3.71 m (12’2.1”)

Moveable vertical stand VM

Moveable vertical stand with multi-purpose swiveling arm for full application flexibility with just one digital – 43×43 cm (17×17”) detector. Can be adjusted with a left and right hand control unit and by wireless remote control.

Vertical movement range

35 cm to 1.85 m (13.8” to 6’ 1”) (central beam)

Swiveling range of multi-purpose arm

0° to 90° (right or left operator side)

Oscillating grid

Can store up to two grids within the detector unit


Fixed detector

Integrated into the TH table and vertical stands.


up to 3.5 lp/mm, 143 μm pixel size
up to 3.4 lp/mm, 148 μm pixel size


43 cm x 43 cm. Large size provides high projection flexibility for virtually all patient sizes.
35 cm x 43 cm /14″x17″ can carry out difficult projections


Convenient handling with cable-free design


Detector only charges when being placed in battery charger

Robust design

Guarantees a drop height of 70 cm (28″)

Imaging solutions


Scatter Correction algorithm for thorax x-rays. Automatic image contrast enhancement. For all patient types – even bariatric. Automatic operation, shorter exam times.

Philips Computed Radiography (PCR Eleva)

We offer several CR solutions for different departmental set-ups with single or multi-slot high-resolution readers.

Eleva workspot

Workflow software offers central operating workspot for the entire X-ray examination. 19″ LCD color touch screen monitor with 1280 x 1024 resolution. Intuitive Eleva user interface allows touch screen use – even with gloves. UNIQUE image processing software for fast and excellent results.


SkyPlate sharing for systems without SkyPlate.
Dose Reporting in DICOM Structured Report format
DICOM package plus
Automatic image stitching
Clinical QC

Tubes and generators


Wide range of applications. Available configurations: 65 kW, 80 kW. Features include Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR), tube overload protection, and automatic exposure control.

X-ray tubes

Dual-focus rotating anode tube: focal spots: 0.6mm/1.2mm. Excellent lifetime with tube overload protection. Compatible with VarioFocus (optional).

Clinical Images