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CombiDiagnost R90

Cross functional DRF system

This remote controlled fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography is designed for consistent, superb image quality and high room utilization, in a cost effective manner.


Supports diagnostic confidence

Cutting edge digital radiography capabilities convert your traditional fluoroscopy room into a high throughput 2-in-1 solution. Designed to support confident diagnoses with high image quality together with excellent dose management features that benefit both patients and staff.

Hidden details revealed

Dynamic UNIQUE image processing software delivers consistently uniform clinical image quality for all anatomic regions by automatically adjusting the balance between overexposed and underexposed areas, providing superb quality for both radiography and fluoroscopy studies.

Quick, intuitive workflow

The CombiDiagnost R90 employs our Eleva user interface to provide all the tools and controls necessary for seamless procedures. This one common platform is easy to learn and easy to use, and is the same harmonized user interface found across our radiography portfolio.

Detectors that deliver

The CombiDiagnost R90’s large and small SkyPlate wireless portable digital detectors are lightweight to allow for comfortable positioning. They pair nicely with our SkyFlow intelligent software for non-grid bedside exams and can be shared between compatible systems.

Superb image quality at low

If your focus is pediatrics, dose-saving features on the CombiDiagnost R90 include dedicated pediatric fluoroscopy settings, Grid Controlled Fluoroscopy, and dose measurement. Low radiation without sacrificing image quality is a benefit to your smaller patients.

Ease of operation

Flexible geometry and integrated DR technology make the CombiDiagnost R90 ease to use. The tiltable table (-90o to +90o) is perfect for all standard fluoroscopy studies. A tilting tube column mechanism enables angled projections in any table position. Intuitive touchscreen control speeds exams.


Tube: SRM 0608 ROT GS 505

Anode heat storage capacity

800 kHU (593kJ)

Maximum voltage

125 kV (110 kV in GCF)

Focal spot

0.6 /0.8


Tube column movement range

160 cm (63″)

Table height

62 cm – 142 cm (24.4″-59.9″)

Motorized compressor

3 kg – 15 kg (6.6 lbs – 33.1 lbs) compression force

Table tilt angle


Maximum patient weight

284 kg (626 lbs) without limitations

Source to Image Distance (SID)

113 cm – 183 cm (44’’ to 72’’)


Exposure techniques

Manual: kV-mAs or kV-mA-s
Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) – Intelligent Exporuse (IQX), In-Pulse controlled
Automatic kV reduction techniques


65 kW, 80kW optional

Fluoroscopy techniques

Pulsed fluoroscopy (PF), in-pulse controlled
Grid-controlled fluoroscopy (GCF), in-pulse controlled

Tube voltage flouroscopy

40 – 125 kV

Tube voltage exposure

40 – 150 kV

Ceiling Suspension

Ceiling height at SID 110 cm (44″)

2.83 m to 3.21 m (8’8.3″ – 10’5.9″)


Motorized, automatic


Four-part telescopic column

Tube: SRO 33100 ROT380 (for CS)

Focal spot

0.6 /1.2

Anode heat storage capacity

300 kHU (200kJ)

Maximum voltage

150 kV

Wireless detector: SkyPlate Large

Detector size

35 cm x 43 cm (14″ x 17″)


Digital Csl (Cesium Iodide) flat detector

Active area

34.48 cm x 42.12 cm (13.6″ x 16.6″)

Image matrix size

2330 x 2846 pixel

Wireless detector: SkyPlate Small

Detector size

24 cm x 30 cm (app. 10″ x 12″)


Digital Csl (Cesium Iodide) flat detector

Active area

22.2 cm x 28.4 cm (8.7″ x 11.2″)

Image matrix size

1500 x 1920 pixel

Tube: SRO 33100 ROT380

Maximum voltage

150 kV

Anode heat storage capacity

300 kHU (200kJ)

Focal spot

0.6 /1.6

Digital vertical stand

Vertical travel

30 cm – 180 cm (11.8″ – 5’11”)

Motorized tilting

Optional, -20° to +90°

Detector Size

SkyPlate detector

Dynamic Flat Detector

Acquisition mode pulsed fluoroscopy

Up to 20 per second

Image matrix size

2,874 pixel x 2,840 pixel

Pixel size

148 µm

Acquisition mode continious fluoroscopy

Up to 30 frames per second

Detector Size

43 cm x 43 cm (17″x17″)