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Vereos Digital PET/CT

Vereos Digital PET/CT

Proven accuracy inspires confidence

Supported by rigorous clinical evidence, Vereos is the world’s first and only fully digital, clinically proven, PET/CT solution . With proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology for outstanding advances all along the imaging chain, Vereos exemplifies an established total solution to reveal more, earlier, to help you improve patient care and manage costs.




Improved lesion detectability

While visualization of small lesions is essential for clinicians to diagnose, stage and monitor therapy in oncology patients, in molecular imaging, the challenge is being able to detect these small lesions reliably (1). Vereos provides improved detectability & characterization of small lesions (2)

Fast scans

Fast scanning allows patients to spend less time in the scanner, enhancing the overall patient experience. Vereos provides uncompromised lesion detectability at 1/10 the time (4)

Low PET dose

Dose reduction in PET radiopharmaceutical administration does not have to be a trade-off between radiation exposure and diagnostic image quality. Utilizing appropriate reconstruction algorithms, reduced dose can be administered with no reduction in diagnostic confidence. Vereos provides uncompromised image quality & detectability at 1/2 the PET dose (3)

Ready for the future

With the highest count rate in the industry , Vereos provides enhanced diagnostic confidence with emerging applications that use short half-life tracers.


Scanner Characteristics
Gantry dimensions Length 190.9”
Width 86.7”
Height 81.3”
Weight 9,284 lb
Key specifications
Detector design Digital Photon Counting (DPC) Number of PET detectors 23,040
PET timing resolution 310 ps FWHM TOF localization accuracy 4.6 cm
PET effective sensitivity per cm 1,427 cps/MBq/cm PET quantitative accuracy +/- 5%



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